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Dr. Grady S. McMurtry: The Purposes of Christian Missionary Work

As President and Founder of Creation Worldview Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit Christian educational ministry based in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Grady S. McMurtry serves as a traveling missionary to teach the fundamentals of the Bible in various parts of the world. Christian missionaries may attempt to fulfill a number of purposes through their efforts.

1. Christian missionaries attempt to educate by introducing Biblical teachings and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to individuals who may have never been exposed to them.

2. They invite people to atone for their sins through repentance and baptism, as well as to provide the opportunity to become “born again.” They encourage others to do a bit of “soul searching” in order to seek ways in which they may improve their situations. Missionaries may also help others discover their own purposes in life.

3. Some Christian missionaries may attempt to debunk what they view as untruthful or inaccurate views that others may have about the Christian religion.

4. Missionaries approach their role with the idea that every soul is worth saving and that their efforts can have a major positive impact on the world’s population. The goal is to help others enjoy eternal life through Jesus Christ.