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Creation Worldview Ministries

September 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Dr. Grady S. McMurtry, an international creation emissary, Biblical Scientific Creationist, and Christian apologist, delivers his message through Creation Worldview Ministries, Inc., an educational missionary organization. With God and Grady S. McMurtry as its driving forces, Creation Worldview Ministries acts as a resource center for distribution of missionary discipleship and evangelism, particularly Biblical Scientific Creationism. The organization’s website,, also seeks to promote, propagate, and preserve a Christian Biblical Worldview.

Christian Worldview Ministries offers a variety of programs for home schools, universities, vacation Bible schools, conferences, and seminars. The organization delivers its point of view on radio and televisions shows as well. In addition to focusing on “the truths of biblical foundations,” seminar and sermon offerings include secular presentations that focus on critical thinking and intellectual honesty in approaching the topic of origins. The ministry also recommends other organizations as a source for speakers, including the Creation Studies Institute; the Institute for Creation Research; and Creation Moments, Inc.

Sermon/seminar presentations include a number of science-based discussions, such as “It’s a Young World After All,” scientific evidence for a young earth/universe; and “Carbon 14 – Proof for a Young Earth,” an exploration of why the Carbon 14 dating method does not work. Other scientific subjects range from genetics and the empirical evidence for longevity to chemical evolution and the fallacy of global warming. “Light from Distant Galaxies” explains how humans see light from distant sources while only being 6,000 years old.

Other Christian Worldview Ministries talks delve into marriage; communion with God; the worth of people; and the history of the world, including Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel, and the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in the Pacific Northwest. With these and other programs, Christian Worldview Ministries will continue to lift Jesus Christ up so that “He might draw all people unto Himself.” For more information, articles, sample programs, a schedule of events, and more, visit the Christian Worldview Ministries website.